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Call for Papers


The amount of publicly available geo-referenced data has seen a dramatic explosion over the past few years. Human activities generate data and traces that are now often transparently annotated with location and contextual information. At the same time, it has become easier than ever to collect and combine rich and diverse information about locations. For instance, in the context of geo-advertising, the use of geosocial data for targeted marketing are receiving significant interest from a wide spectrum of companies and organizations. With the advent of smartphones and online social networks, a multi-billion dollar industry that utilizes geosocial data for advertising and marketing has emerged. For example, geospatial data about people such as geotagged social media posts, GPS traces, data from cellular antennas and WiFi access points are used on a wide scale to directly access people for advertising, recommendations, marketing, and group purchases. Exploiting this torrent of geo-referenced data provides a tremendous potential to materially improve existing recommendation services and offer novel ones, with clear benefits in many domains, including social networks, marketing, and tourism. This requires new technologies to collect, store, analyze and use the data. It also raises issues in the area of responsibility, accountability, transparency, fairness, adequacy (e.g. avoiding ads in improper places) and preventing misconduct.

Fully exploiting this potential requires addressing many core challenges and combining ideas and techniques from various research communities, such as recommender systems, data management, geographic information systems, social network analytics and text mining. By bringing together researchers and practitioners from these communities, this workshop aims to provide a unique forum for discussing in depth and collecting feedback about challenges, opportunities, novel techniques and applications.

We solicit original contributions of both long and short research or survey papers and short vision or demonstration papers addressing the following non-comprehensive list of topics:

Location-aware recommender systems
  • location as context
  • collaborative filtering vs. content-based recommendations
  • case and empirical studies
  • evaluation methods and metrics; datasets and benchmarks

  • Geosocial networks
  • recommendations for locations, events, venues, travel
  • friend and community suggestions
  • extracting preferences, tips, ratings, patterns, habits
  • modeling geo-social influence of users and locations
  • location-aware video games

  • Geoadvertising
  • location-aware viral campaigns
  • the use of location data to match people to relevant ads and content

  • Geomarketing
  • geotargeting to deliver content to a user based on her or his geographic location
  • location-based intelligence, to improve the odds of a particular message reaching the right consumer at the right time
  • poximity marketing; beacons and IoT

  • Tourism
  • trip planning and recommendations for travel destinations, tourist routes, and points of interest
  • automatic guide and tour generation
  • exhibition arrangement

  • Privacy, responsibility and fairness
  • attack and threat scenarios
  • spatial anonymization and cloaking
  • restrictions on content delivery
  • prevention of inadequacy or misconduct
  • accountability, transparency, fairness
  • Workshop proceedings will be indexed by DBLP and will appear on ACM Digitial Library.

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